20 Most Repeated and Expected Topics in 2023 JAMB UTME Chemistry Examination

20 Most Repeated and Expected Topics in 2023 JAMB UTME Chemistry Examination

For all JAMBITES that choose Chemistry in their JAMB subject Combination. We have assisted you with compiling the significant topics that are likely to come out in your 2023 JAMB UTME Examination. Towards the finish of this Article, We shall Rattle off all the most Repeated Topics in JAMB Chemistry for you.

Chemistry is one of the most dreaded subjects attempted by JAMBITES because they neglect to prepare adequately for the subject. You can score high provided you take note and practice the 20 most common UTME topics in Physics as listed on this post. Out of the topics on Chemistry syllabus, at least more than 80% of the questions must come from the 20 of the listed topics because they are the most common questions set by examiners every year.

These Topics were gotten from Past questions, They are the subjects from which questions are generally drawn out each year.

So while preparing for your JAMB Chemistry examination, our to focus harder on these subjects.

The most expected topics in JAMB CHEMISTRY listed in this article are also on the JAMB Chemistry Syllabus. JAMB Syllabus is a must-have document for all JAMB candidates. JAMB Syllabus is very useful in the sense that it contains all the topics from which questions will be brought out on every JAMB subject.


20 Most Repeated and Expected Topics in 2023 JAMB UTME Chemistry Examination

The topics shown below are the topics to be expected in your JAMB Chemistry  questions. Like we said earlier, thorough research has been carried out on this which enabled us to compile the list of physics topics below.

The knowledge you will acquire from the most expected topics in JAMB will allow you to prepare well and guarantee your excellence in the JAMB examination. After you are aware of the most expected topics in jamb the next thing for you to do is to start reading extensively on them.

Scoring high in the JAMB Chemistry examination is a very cheap thing to do so far you are aware of the most expected topics in the JAMB CBT exam to treat.

We would be listing the topics that are extremely important for you to read in your JAMB  Chemistry Examination. Below are the topics to expect in the 2022 JAMB CBT Chemistry  examination:

20 Most Repeated and Expected Topics in 2023 JAMB UTME Chemistry Examination

  1. Separating techniques
    2. Particulate theory of Matter; Atoms, Molecules, chemical combinations
    3.Stoichiometry;How to determine empirical formula, molecular formula, relativemass, Molar mass, Solubility
    4. Electronic configuration and Periodic Table
    5. Balancing of Chemical equations
    6.Acid, Base, and Salt (Physical and Chemical properties, Neutraliration reaction, PF
    7. Gas Laws; Charles, Boyles, Idea Gas Equation
    8. Redox reaction (Oxidation and reduction)
    9. Electrolysis; Faradays
    10.Rate of chemical reaction (Le Chatelier’s principle)
    11. Carbon and its compound(Allotropes)
    12. Hydrogen and its compound
    13. Nitrogen and its compound, Sulphur and its compound
    14. Metals and their compounds; Sodium, Calcium, Iron, Alloys
    15. Aromatic and Aliphatic Hydrocarbon (Alkane, Alkene, Akyne, Benzene)
    16. IUPAC Nomenclature, Isomerism
    19. Esterification, Saponification
    20. Hardness of water
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