How to Secure Admission into Harvard University Scholarship in Nigeria

How you may apply for admission into Harvard University as a Nigerian citizen In this section, we unique all you want while making use of for admission into Harvard University. Also, some rules govern Harvard University admission operation tips which you need to go through before applying for admission into Harvard University.

#1A correct educational excellence

#2. Strive to be a part of curriculum activities

#3. Obtain excessive grades in SAT exams

#4. Having correct management heart #5. Obtain instructor evaluation review

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Meanwhile, if you’re applying for admission into Harvard University as a first- time student in Nigeria, you can start by penetrating their online enrollment runner.

Below are the way you should follow when applying for admission into Harvard online

Access the operation runner and input your details in the Common operation form. You can as well use the Coalition operation. Both of them serve the same purpose; just choose your favored choice.
insure that all your details are veritably correct to avoid rejecting your operation while the staff has not gone through it.

When it comes to the question of how to get admission to Harvard University, the most ambitious scholars frequently find themselves questioning if they indeed have what it takes to make it into this great institution.

notwithstanding, also you should know that a Harvard university operation is not a do-or-die affair and as long as you follow the instructions for successfully applying to this institution, you have a good chance of getting named, If this is you.
On that note, this composition will act as a companion on everything you need to know about Harvard starting from information about it, the benefits of studying there, and eventually how to get admitted as a student.

Likewise, you will learn about the conditions to apply to Harvard University for undergraduates, postgraduates, business, and medical scholars.
About Harvard University
instituted in 1636, and located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard University is known to be the oldest university in the USA. Harvard University, which is celebrated for its academics, exploration openings, sports, and extracurricular exercise, is also among the top Ivy League sodalities in the world.

At top-league academies like Harvard, nearly every aspirant has an outstanding academic record, so, great grades and superb standardized test scores aren’t enough to wow the admissions platoon. With an acceptance rate of 4, fitting the type of scholar they’re looking for is the way you can stand out from other aspirants applying to Harvard.
People who have tried to get into this famed institution before, know how hard it’s to get accepted into Harvard.

They know that your work experience, voluntary community development services, leadership experience, and other charity work are core values that are considered over excellent academic records. You’ll need a combination of an intriguing academic background and these values to be considered for admission into Harvard.

Benefits of Studying at Harvard University

As you prepare your Harvard application, it’s likewise important that you understand all the effects you could gain from studying at this university.

Studying at Harvard University may be one of the most salutary gests for a council pupil, and there are several reasons why international scholars should apply to study in this great institution.

9 reasons why you should study at Harvard University

Variety of programs to choose from
An education at Harvard has measureless possibilities, as Harvard offers such a breadth of academic and extracurricular openings. With further than,700 courses, tutored by recognized faculty members, you’ll be suitable to immerse yourself in whatever interests you, and you’ll be exposed to a bunch of different fields of study.

Financial Aid

Harvard offers a veritably generous fiscal program, and the financial aid officers will ensure that finances won’t be the reason you would not choose Harvard College. These financial aid packages bear no loans, and no donation from families with incomes $65,000 or lower. In fact, families with inflows between $65,000 and $150,000 will contribute from 0-10% of their income, and those with inflows above $150,000 will be asked to pay proportionately further than 10% grounded on their individual circumstances.


Harvard has lots of traditions, history, and an expansive alumni network for you to make connections with both as a scholar and as a graduate of this academy.

Unmatched Resources

Harvard is home to a number of art and wisdom galleries and offers access to original museums to members of the Harvard community. The Harvard Library system is also the largest in the academic world, holding further than 18 million volumes.

Opportunity to build life-long skills

This great institution is also known to be a center for training and development shops in career-structure skills, information technology, management skills, and further.
Graduate prospects
Graduates from Harvard College are majorly sought after by companies all over the world, grounded on the value they retain, which could be either their communication, leadership, or problem- working chops. It surely pays off to be a graduate of this top university.

Support for scholars

Harvard scholars have access to courses, exploration institutes, and faculty instructors from all corridors of Harvard. With world-famed faculty, state-of-the-art coffers, and personalized instruction, Harvard is the perfect place to pursue your favorite and still- to-be-discovered academic interests.

A home for all

Harvard University is a different community representing numerous races, ethnicities, belief systems, nationalities, genders, and sexual exposures.

It’s a challenge studying at Harvard University is not inescapably easy, as there are unique challenges that come with studying in this academy. still, that’s all part of the fun and the experience. Leaving your comfort zone is one of the effects that make the whole experience precious and worthwhile. However, you can achieve anything, If you can successfully complete your study in the world’s most stylish institutions.

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How to apply to postgraduate programs?

As a postgraduate applicant applying for any PG course in Harvard, you need to apply through the Applicant Portal and also do the following

First, you need to register on the specific academy’s point and also log in to its Applicant Portal.

Do take note that each academy has its own Applicant Portal, so you should not register on the wrong website. For case, if you’re applying for an MBA, you need to register with Harvard Business School’s website and apply through its portal, rather than trying to apply on GSAS.

After submitting your application form with applicable documents through the portal, you may get called for a particular interview.

A Post Interview Reflection essay/write-up needs to be submitted within 24 hours of completing the interview. Details will be posted to the pupil after the interview.

Admission Conditions to Apply to Harvard Business School

Admission to Harvard Business School is largely competitive and picky and reticent for the only the stylish campaigners. So, for foreign scholars interested in this program, this section breaks down how to get into Harvard for MBA.

Harvard entry conditions to meet include

  • GPA of 3.7 or over. This equals around 90- 92 and a grade score of A.
  • For admissions to MBA courses at Harvard, you’ll be taking a competitive GMAT score ( 620- 790 normal for 2021 class)
  • Work experience of at least 2- 5 times.

Harvard University’s conditions for transnational scholars applying to this program include

  • Submitting TOEFL/ IELTS/ PTE score.
  • You will also need to accept the programs and pay the$ 250 operation figure to submit your operation.
  • scholars also need to have exceptional academic records, logical aptitude, and leadership chops to be a part of the Harvard Business School.
  • After meeting all these Harvard university operation conditions for their business academy, if the admissions commission finds everything suitable, you may be invited for an interview.

Admission Conditions to Apply to Harvard Medical School

The Harvard Medical School is another famed branch of Harvard University. HMS is devoted to allocating quality medical training to scholars each over the world, and just like its parent university, they only admit scholars of impeccable academic background who can contribute appreciatively to it.

Note that as it’s with other faculties, Harvard university entry conditions for medical scholars are specific only to campaigners interested in studying under it.

On that note, the HMS Faculty of Medicine accepts operations from current scholars in good standing and graduates of accredited sodalities who present substantiation that their intellectual and particular credentials are of similar quality as to prognosticate success in the study and practice of drug

Demonstrate aptitude in the natural and physical life during their undergraduate times, but not to the rejection of the humanities and social lives

Demonstrate fluent and nuanced installation in English, as effective communication among the medical care platoon and between croakers
and cases are pivotal to the delivery of care.

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scholars are needed to complete at least three times of council work and a baccalaureate degree previous to matriculation. In addition, scholars must complete all needed prerequisite coursework previous to matriculation.

The Committee on Admissions evaluates operations grounded on several factors, including the following

  • Academic records
  • aspirant essay( s)
  • Medical College Admission Test( MCAT) scores
  • Letters of evaluation
  • Application conditioning

Harvard University Admission Conditions for Undergraduate Scholars

Harvard, stands as one of the most sought-after institutions in the world, especially for undergraduate scholars looking to make solid educational and career foundations themselves.
More so, it’s a desirable go-to choice for transnational scholars like you who wish to study with the rest of the USA’s stylish and brightest scholars.

Without further ado, this section snappily covers the Harvard university admission conditions for foreign scholars in the undergraduate position.

All first-time aspirants, both transnational andU.S. campaigners, must complete the Common operation or the Coalition operation as one of the mandatory Harvard admission conditions, along with the needed supplements.

You’ll need to submit

  1. Common operation or Coalition operation
  2. Harvard College Questions for the Common operation or Coalition operation Harvard supplement
  3. Pay the Harvard operation cost of $75( or request a figure disclaimer)
  4. SAT or ACT( with or without jotting)- voluntary for 2022- 2026 operation cycles
  5. voluntary AP or other examination results
  6. School Report( which includes a counselor letter) and high academy paraphrase
  7. school teacher Report( 2)
  8. Midyear School Report( after your first semester grades)
  9. Final School Report( for admitted scholars only)
  10. Formalized tests needed for undergraduate programs
    SAT or ACT( with or without jotting)

You’ll need to submit

  1. Harvard College Questions for the Common exercise or Coalition Application Harvard supplement
  2. Pay the Harvard operation cost of $75( or request a figure disclaimer)
  3. SAT or ACT( with or without jotting)- voluntary for 2022- 2026 application cycles
  4. voluntary AP or other examination results
  5. School Report( which includes a counselor letter) and high academy paraphrase
  6. schoolteacher Report( 2)
  7. Midyear School Report( after your first semester grades)
  8. Final School Report( for admitted scholars only)

Formalized tests needed for undergraduate programs

  1. SAT or ACT( with or without jotting)
  2. Harvard university sat conditions include SAT scores, two SAT Subject Tests also required
  3. Avoid transferring scores from both Math Level- 1 and Math Level- 2, if submitting two subject tests
  4. IELTS/ TOEFL is not needed if English is the first language
  5. Accepts both IELTS/ TOEFL scores

For undergraduate applicants, the following documents are needed

  1. Academic reiterations
  2. IELTS or TOEFL scores
  3. Advanced Placement scores( voluntary)
  4. Letters of recommendation
  5. Research papers, artwork, portfolio, music videotape recordings( as per course)
  6. Financial documents
  7. Education letters, if any

How to apply to undergraduate programs at Harvard?

Undergraduate applicants have three options to choose from while applying to Harvard. You can moreover apply through the Common operation Portal, the Coalition Application Portal, or the Universal College Portal.

After submitting your operation form at any one of the operation doors, you’ll admit dispatch evidence from Harvard with its aspirant portal link.

In this portal, you need to fulfill some Harvard application conditions;

  • Contact information similar to a phone number, dispatch address, and mailing address
  • Go through the substantiated operation roster
  • tone- report test scores, if not submitted before
  • Check and confirm the scores submitted according to the financial aid application status and make changes if needed.
  • Submit fresh documents and samples, as per course demandAfter the submission of your documents, Harvard may set up an interview for you with its alumni. This isn’t an obligatory step as the university will only set this up grounded on niche vacuity, and your operation won’t be affected indeed when there’s no slated interview.Once the results are out, you can check the status of your operation ( accepted or not) on the Applicant Portal.

    How to get admission to Harvard University for MBA?

You’ll need to give the following;

  1. $105 application fee via credit card
  2. Academic transcripts
  3. IELTS or TOEFL scores
  4. GRE or GMAT scores
  5. Resume/ CV
  6. Essays/ SOP LORs
  7. Writing, video, or audio sample, as per course demand
  8. Financial documents
  9. Scholarship letters, if any




Now that you know what the conditions are to apply to Harvard University, you should do well to start applying, so that you can meet up with the coming available academic session if you have the desire to attend this great institution.

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