what business can i start with 5k as a student in Nigeria (no stress)

1. Selling Data and Airtime

This info reselling business works completely designed for both men and women .

As students you’ll have always clients inside your school, campus, and friends.

There are tons in online platforms that sell data for cheap prices. All you need to do is study and sign up for a good reliable one.

You can buy 1GB of browsing data intended for around N200 and resell this for N250 or N300. can make profit above #80 each meanwhile consider starting at an average price to build customers relationship.

Here are recommended and tested platforms for you to get started.

This can help you to make money online as a student in Nigeria….


 🖕  🖕 This has been the Best and Trusted Data selling Platform since 2008 till date. 🖕  🖕  🖕  

For Fast delivery and lovely customers support experience i recommend you starting with any of the above Data wholesalers.

2. Start Online POS Business

Online POS Business is another reliable source of income especially as a student without much distraction to your student.

Finally, starting an online POS service is the newest and one of the most profitable online enterprises to start with N5000 for scholars in Nigeria.

The most popular form of POS business is to apply for a POS machine from banks, but with the advancement in technology, and operation of new ways, you can render deposit and pullout services right from your phone.

All you just need is to download the PalmPartner app, subscribe up, fund your account with 2000 to 3000 and start by making deposits and pullouts for friends who need lower than N3000 and charge them N100 for the sale.

For every sale you make, you ’ll also earn prices from PalmPay which you can withdraw at the end of the week.

This can help you to make money online as a student in Nigeria….

Only Make Transactions Not When Lectures are ongoing to avoid distraction!!


3. Make Money Online

You will definitely believe  me that to make money online is the best option everyone of you could want to achieve.

The Internet, social media, and social networking spots are the best businesses for a Nigerian scholar to start with 5k.

The Internet is an open marketing terrain due to its simplicity, which facilitates the creation of numerous feathers of details and fresh ideas for youthful people.

The most essential of these spots is Facebook, which includes numerous individualities from all over the globe, making it simple to promote effects via it and launch your marketing design using it.
Choose one of these 20 proven strategies and start making Cool Money online in Nigeria.

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This can help you to make money online as a student in Nigeria….

4. Sell Crafts or Handmade Items.

What it simply means is monetizing your skills. Believe you me during schools days, you find our lots of student with taste including those who value what you can create. so why not up handmade items online.

Small chances, including crafts and artificer, are among the stylish businesses to start with 5k as a scholar in Nigeria.

You may sell your artwork on the Internet if professed at sketching, sculpturing, or creating handcrafted particulars like jewelry.
You will need a home factory, and also you will need to take professional photos of your crafts and artwork to list them for online trade. But the total necessary capital won’t surpass 5k NGN.

What you have to do is get the necessary items needed for you to start up as well as pay student WhatsApp TV Owners for promotion and adverts. You must not necessary own a website. The best advert channel is your own self, your WhatsApp and Facebook.

Give your time to marketing other than posting tweaking videos and irrelevant status that doesn’t pay.

This can help you to make money online as a student in Nigeria….

5. Become a real estate marketing agent online

97 of real estate purchasers operate the Internet to look for a house or property, and 41 of buyers detect the home or property they purchase online, according to statistics from the National Association of Realtors.
Although these statistics are from the United States, internet real estate marketing is the 12th-formal business to start with 5k as a scholar in Nigeria.
You may start this business by re-collecting data about unoccupied land and homes, publicising it online, and earning a commission.
There are openings for everyone in the real estate assiduity a vast request, continual demand, and undiscovered gems.
This may feel a little peculiar! still, you may grow a successful real estate broker over the Internet and launch a veritably gainful operation with lower than 5,000 NGN.

This can help you to make money online as a student in Nigeria….

6. Home conservation

Every house needs upkeep services, whether in the kitchen or bathrooms, or for air exertion, electricity lines, or painting, among other effects. The house conservation design is a simple business to start with 5k in Nigeria. Still, it takes knowledge to fix all home outfit, including windows, toilets, wood kitchens, and damaged cabinetwork.

This can help you to make money online as a student in Nigeria….

7. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing: Self Publishing (Ebook)

Every day, a large number of new ebooks are published, some of which are hectically popular and induce enormous gains for their authors. This is a fantastic business to start with 5k as a student in Nigeria if you have a knack for writing or former experience.
You may begin each day by working on an ebook that you offer as a service, benefits others, and allows you to partake your gests and studies.
This small- scale 5k NGN enterprise may produce moneybags that may surpass your prospects, particularly if it’s well promoted.


This can help you to make money online as a student in Nigeria….

8. Offering domestic and marketable cleaning services

Cleaning apartments and stairwells is an excellent business to start with 5k as a scholar in Nigeria. It’s attainable to request and promote the qualification of cleaning services for apartments and stairwells in apartment complexes where doubly-daily cleaning is performed for good.

This can help you to make money online as a student in Nigeria….

9. Produce embellishments at home

Ladies’ accessories may be constructed at home by buying lollipop beads, which can be applied to produce colorful shapes, colours, and sizes of accessories that women and girls want to wear. This is an age-long proven business to start with 5k as a pupil in Nigeria.

This can help you to make money online as a student in Nigeria….

5K Business Idea – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What kind of business can I start with 5k in Nigeria?

With 5k, you can start the following businesses, data reselling, trades of Okrika, bead making, pure water business, liquid cleaner product and sales, and recharge card business.
What online business can I start with 5k in Nigeria?
Online businesses you can start with 5k in Nigeria include blogging, freelancing, chapter marketing, vlogging on YouTube, and publishing E-books on Amazon.

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What business can I start with 5k as a scholar?

As a student, establishments you can start with 5k include making and sales of glob jewelry, production, and deals of liquid cleaner, data reselling, blogging, freelancing, and chapter marketing.

What business can I start with 5000 Naira in Nigeria?

The most economic and fast- selling business you can start with 5000 Naira in Nigeria is the output and deals of liquid cleaner. The stylish online business you can start with 5000 Naira is blogging.

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Looking at it one by one, you ’ll find out that the businesses to start with N5000 in Nigeria are less stressful and profitable. Each business is a great fit for word of mouth marketing and generating business through referrals. Also, flash back that when you start a low- investment business, the work you put into it’ll mandate what you get out of it.


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